WP41 Polypipe 32mm Nuflo Resealing Anti-Syphon Bottle Trap 76mm Seal White

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Polypipe Nuflo Resealing Anti-Syphon Bottle Trap 76mm Seal is situated on the outlet of an appliance. It provides a water seal between the waste water pipe and the room it is situated in. It prevents any foul odours from the drains from re-entering a room. It has a removable bowl to clear any blockages and should only be used on washbasins. It features an anti-syphon valve which eliminates negative syphonic pressure and gurgling. The re-sealing trap keeps the water seal even in extreme syphon action.
More Information
Diameter 32mm
Product Styles Trap
Colour White
Specification EN 1329-1
Suitable Applications Trap for Waste water removal
Pack 1